Even the Podcast is Afraid

There’s a ghost in your house?

September 27, 2019

[Talking Trash with Ordis was the original name of the Podcast, before the Change]

In this episode, host Jared Ordis, interviews Twitch Streamers Nick & Kile & "The Topic Wheel" is introduced. We spin the wheel to pick out categories & it decides our topics! Plus Nickster brings his new segment called "Job Hunting with Nick" were we learn about this song written for a tennis player, & all the weird emails Nick receives from people trying to make it in sports journalism. We also talk conspiracies, ghost stories, movies, games, tv, & more! Trust me you will want to hear the Bianca Song! and The Ordis does a wonderful Coach O impression!

This was live on Twitch.TV https://www.twitch.tv/ordis_studios

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