Even the Podcast is Afraid

Chat w/ Alex Bobulinski, Paranormal Investigator & Producer

October 31, 2019

[Talking Trash with Ordis was the original name of the Podcast, before the Change]

Alex Bobulinski, a paranormal investigator & producer in the documentary "MadHouse: A Paranormal Documentary" In this episode, Ordis interviews Alex Bobulinski about the Madhouse Documentary [Available on Amazon Prime Video], spooky things that didnt happen on camera from the Madhouse documentary, the paranormal places that Alex has investigated, Bigfoot, & the upcoming new documentary from Alex & the other investigators "The Evil of Nowhere" releasing on December 29th 2019 on Amazon Prime Video!

[AMAZON LINK] MadHouse: A Paranormal Documentary: https://amzn.to/2WtRmwt

[TRAILER LINK] The Evil of Nowhere: https://bit.ly/34gk0Uv



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